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Transmission Rebuilding

Transmission Rebuilding in Ashland, VA

The transmission is one of the most important components your vehicle has. Without a transmission, power from the engine wouldn’t reach your wheels, and you probably wouldn’t get very far. Since your transmission is so important, having a transmission problem can be frightening. If something goes wrong with your transmission, many shops would advise you to replace it. Don’t replace your transmission---rebuild it instead.

At Glen Allen Transmissions & Complete Auto Care, transmission rebuilding is our specialty.

You don't need to give up your vehicle when its transmission starts to malfunction or dies. If you need your manual or automatic transmission rebuilt, give us a call at (804) 752-8022.

We serve all of Ashland, VA, Richmond, VA, Glen Allen, VA, and surrounding areas.

What is Rebuilding?

Transmission Rebuilding in Ashland, VA

Rebuilding is a transmission repair service wherein we replace the old and faulty components in your vehicle's transmission while retaining the parts that work.

Why Rebuild My Transmission?

Rebuilding may be the best option for a few reasons:

  • Rebuilt transmissions are generally much less expensive than buying a new or used car.
  • New transmissions may no longer be in production for your vehicle.
  • Used transmissions vary on dependability based on mileage and the state of their parts, while rebuilt transmissions go through a thorough inspection and have old and faulty parts replaced.

If your other automotive parts are in good condition, it may be worth rebuilding your broken transmission instead of searching for a more expensive new one, taking a chance with a used one, or buying a new or used car when your current vehicle still has many, many miles to give.

In addition to rebuilding, we offer many other transmission repair services.

When your transmission has died or is about to die, call on the transmission rebuilding experts at Glen Allen Transmissions & Complete Auto Care. We’ll make your car as good as new again.

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